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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
HomeGame"You're watching Indian tradition here at its QQWIN99 finest, folks!"

“You’re watching Indian tradition here at its QQWIN99 finest, folks!”


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Because the Indians have a long tradition of carrying cash into a casino and dumping it out on a QQWIN99 table like NBA players in a titty bar.

Way to go, Mike Sexton, on the culturally insensitive remark of the year on WPT. Yeah, I know the Foxwoods broadcast was a repeat, but I remember bursting out in laughter the last time I heard it.

Not that the Indians are going to complain, with the way they are making money hand over fist at these places.


Not much slot88 the last few days. Taking a self-enforced break. I was feeling a little burned-out. I was card dead for about 2000 hands, and I combined that with come bad play (trying to force matters). The last dead period, I was pleased with my play because I had stayed disciplined. This time, I didn’t. So, I’ll take a little break until I’m ready and rested to come back fresh and ready to play one hand in five.

Hammer Rules

Notched another win with the hammer tonight, but for the first time I was downright obnoxious about it. Flopped a 2, kept pushing, and the unique casino gods took care of me with another 2 on the river. Gave them a big “HAMMER!” & “LOL” in chat.

Then, I did my happy dance. Online poker is cool. Sometimes, I’m glad it’s rigged.


So, how are you all playing it? I don’t play it every time I get it. Only if I’m first to bet, and I always raise. Then, if I get a piece of the flop, I’ll bet it like aces, but if not, I just check and fold.

Some new links posted today

Check ’em out!

There’s a new blogger, Just Another Fish, and an old blogger, The Cards Speak.

Also, an online version of the book, Poker: A Guaranteed Income For Life. It looks kinda dated, and I’ve only skimmed it and it appears to be focused on home games, but it’s a free resource for poker strategy, and I’m all about the free stuff!

Finally, a link to the 72o: The Best Damn Hand site. Ahem. Not sure how I came across that one, did something happen in blog-land yesterday that brought that one across my desk?

Moving on…

Back to my favorite subject – me.

Played some MTTs tonight. First was a freeroll. I liked the way I played, made top 50, but I got crippled right after the break (as usual), and then got placed at the same table as the Big Dogs. Pretty soon, the only move open to me was all-in, and I took it with QJ and got busted out 48th by a pair of 5’s. But, I was still happy, it’s a tie for my best placement finish in an MTT up to that point.

Second was a $2 satellite to APs WSOP $100 satellite being held Sunday evening (just a plug for AP, I think you good MTT players ought to pop over to AP, the tourneys are fairly easy pickings, especially early levels, and for a seat in the WSOP… (yes, I’d also ask that you sign up through my banner! LOL)). Got to drop The Hammer to pick up $600 in level 3… uh… er…

Anyway, I said I was moving on, right?

So, I was able to hang on and was in good shape until I called an all-in for about ½ my stack when I had AKs. His J9o hit a 9 for the winner and I was crippled again. Managed to scramble to 32nd place (now, my best placement finish), but no cash or spot in the big satellite.


Anyway, I was pleased with my play and my patience, but I didn’t play perfect and saw things I should be able to improve. I selected quality hands to play (well, except for the Ham-… damn, I was moving on, wasn’t I?), and nearly always raised with them. I just got snapped back once or twice by hands that were slightly better, or sucked out by hands way worse.

But if it wasn’t for luck I’d win every hand… [snicker, har, har]

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INDOBIT88akun pro kamboja ayam onlinemahjong ways 2Slot777scatter hitamslot thailand