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Mmmmm Las Vegas!


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Vegas doesn’t have to be all about the gambling. It can be about chocolate, too. Add a few M&Ms to the mix and you’ll feel a lot better about whatever cash you gave up to the casinos. Right on the Strip at 3785 Las Vegas Blvd South, M&M’s World is a wonderland of colors and of course, chocolate.

The M&Ms come in colors you can’t get anywhere else. Walk to the rear of the store and marvel at the ceiling-high acrylic dispensers that are arranged like a rainbow, with varying shades of every color imaginable. They even have several tones of grey and black! It’s a serve yourself deal; grab a bag, hold it under the spout and let your M&Ms fall in. It’s easy to overdo it, but if you’re careful you can actually shop and get out of there for on;y a few dollars.

Whether you take kids with you or not, a visit to M&M’s World is enormous fun. Nibbling a bit of chocolate is known to improve your mood, elevate your attitude and maybe, just maybe.. give you great luck while gaming. While I can’t guarantee that eating a handful of M&Ms will make you win big, the colors and mmmmm chocolate will make you feel like a winner!

Scram outta the casinos for a little while, wander down to M&M’s World and have a little taste. They’re open daily until at least midnight.

Hotels in Vegas

The city that didn’t even existed at the start of the twentieth century, Las Vegas, is now the most dynamic city on the Earth and the most spectacular. The city has been growing because of tourism. Thirty seven million tourists come every day for the single purpose of seeing the hotels.

The hotels are way much more then a simple hotel. Most of them have, of course, a casino, different attractions, rides, swimming pools, and restaurants. They can stretch to as much as one mile from end to end.

You are the king in Las Vegas hence anything you need you will be provided. It’s not the best idea to come looking for cheap accommodation because basically in Vegas nothing is cheap. However there are some top 10 hotels that can offer a room for $29.28 per person per night.

Top 1 hotel is Bellagio, with prices starting at $159 per night, this 5 stars hotel offers more then you can think. It has a casino and a convention center. A must not miss are the Fountains that display great shows of music, water and lights. It also offers fine dining, an art gallery and a botanic garden, among many more.

The Hotel at Mandalay Bay is ranked #2 and is a 4 stars hotel with prices starting from $99.95 per night. You can shop, play and of course dine here. It has a sport and entertainment complex, a lot of pools, 11 restaurants and two wedding chapels (for those who want to say the “I do”)

The Venetian Resort Hotel betsoft casinos online for usa players ranks #3 and is as well a 4 stars hotel with prices starting from $169.41 per night. It’s located on the Strip, offering 4,049 hotel suites. You can gamble, shop, go to the spa or visit the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum. The resort has 16 restaurants.

Other top 10 hotels include Caesars Palace (#4, 4 stars, prices starting from $120.48 per night), The Mirage (#5, 4 stars, prices starting from $89.00 per night), The Orleans Hotel & Casino (#6, 3 stars, prices starting from $29.28 per night), Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino (#7, 4 stars, prices starting from $57.82 per night), Fairfield Grand Desert Resort (#8, 3 stars), MGM Grand (#9, 4 stars, prices starting from $72.94 per night) and Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas ( #10, 4 stars, prices starting from $59.99 per night).

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