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สล็อตเว็บตรง Robs Fred Done Bookies


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A สล็อตเว็บตรง has been jailed for robbing a betting shop, where he was a regular customer, to fund his drugs habit. John Offiler, 65, poked holes through a hat to make a mask and wore sunglasses and gloves to try to disguise himself, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

But, despite his efforts, the manageress of Done Bookmakers, in Derby Road, Stapleford, recognised him as he robbed the shop.

She asked Offiler repeatedly by name what he was doing, but he ignored her and got away with around £75, the court heard.

Recorder Fiona Dix-Dyer, who sentenced Offiler to two years in prison, told him: “You are far too old to be using heroin and robbing betting shops.

“I cannot do anything but impose a custodial sentence on you.

“This lady was working in the shop on her own, which makes her an easy and vulnerable target.

Russians Actually Ban All Underage Gamblers

The Russians have shown the way regarding underage gambling. The Duma plan to ban all those under 18 years of age from gambling, unlike here in England.

Great Britain is a place that has the much touted UK Gambling Commission leading the way on the subject of gambling regulation, land AND remote gambling, unlike the Americans who think like Senator Kyl.

Great Britain is a place where 16 year old’s can legally smoke themselves to death while standing outside a highstreet betting shop, but cannot do so inside the bookmakers, because gambling is bad for them. If that highstreet just so happens to be near a seaside resort, rather than inland, the 16 year old can happily smoke inside an amusements arcade while gambling on fruit machines that have a 25% take for the house.

Russia’s State Duma has voted in the first reading for a bill that will prohibit all persons under 18 years of age from entering any gambling outlets. All slot machines on the streets, at metro stations and in shops, easily available to teenagers, will be removed.

The bill, authored by the United Russia party, is about to drastically tighten the grip on gambling businesses and requirements they are expected to meet.

There should not be no gambling outlets in residential buildings, pre-school child-care centers, schools, hospitals, railway station and airport buildings, at public transport stops and in buildings of religious organizations.

The proposed bill also contains a list of licensed gambling activities – casinos, slot machine halls, bookmaker offices and bet totalizers.

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