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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Blog Online Casino Malaysia


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Online Casino Malaysia Practices Working Group Blog simply put, is designed to teach webmasters how to make internet webpages and/or websites renderable via mobile phones.

Mobile Web Best Practices Blog Blurb

The W3C BPWG maintains this blog for discussion with the mobilie community. It contains announcements as well as blog entries by individual members of the WG on issues currently discussed. Individual blog entries do not generally represent the consensus of the Working Group, but express individual opinions of the respective author.

Gamblog Comment – So now you know how to make websites compatible with cellphone/mobile phone handsets. Don’t say I don’t give you anything worthwhile

Alternative Reality Gaming News

Andrew Losowsky has left the alternative reality gaming network (ARGN) to be the website designer for Last Call Poker. Never heard of alternative reality gaming? Well I have never played games(yet), but the main stream media has reported on it a good few times – anyway.

What Is Alternative Reality Gaming?

“Alternate Reality Gaming” is, according to CNET “an obsession inspiring genre that blends real-life treasure hunting, interactive storytelling, video games and online community”.

“These games are an intensely complicated series of puzzles involving coded Web sites, real-world clues like the newspaper advertisements, phone calls in the middle of the night from game characters and more. That blend of real-world activities and a dramatic storyline has proven irresistible to many.”

These games (which are usually free to play) often have a specific goal of not only involving the player with the story and/or fictional characters but of connecting them to the real world and to each other. Many game puzzles can be solved only by the collaborative efforts of multiple players, sometimes requiring one or more players to get up from their computers to go outside to find clues or other planted assets in the real world.

For more info, see Sean Stewart’s introduction and explanation of The Beast (the first mainstream Alternate Reality Game)

Billboards to Direct Camera Phone Users to Websites

The Adrants Blog report a new way to advertise to mobile phone handsets with a digital cameras built in, via run of the mill advertising billboards found on motorways, underground trains and just about anywhere there is a bit of unused space possible customers may look.

It won’t be long before online and offline gambling firms take up with these new adverts.

Empire poker, Casino 888, Golden Palace, Partypoker, Ladbrokes, William Hills, 32red and many other betting operations already utilise land advertising hoardings, newspaper print adverts, magazine full spread posters, taxi cab adverts and your every day flyers.

Digital adverts with casino bonuses and wagering comps for gamblers with handheld mobile phones with cameras installed, will be coming to a billboard near you, soon.

Technology Enables Billboards to Direct Camera Phone Users to Website

In Japan, Northwest Airlines is running a billboard campaign which contains QR codes, small image tags on the billboards which contain an embedded URL. When a camera phone user takes a picture of the board, they are directed to a website that features a game where airline coupons can be won.

A company called Semacode makes the technology behind the QR codes

Many phone manufacturers are adopting the technology which may make billboards finally serve a purpose other that simple brand awareness or physical directionals.

To the naked eye, the new adverts look like a scrambled garble, but are actually matrix codes (2 dimensional bar codes). When photographed on a mobile phone though, the handset makes sense of the tetris like looking graphic and directs users to whatever website paid for the ad.

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