Social Marketing Is Not About Keywords As Much As About Your Audience

Personalization looks like the wave of the future. We think site publishers should keep this in mind and watch the search space for trends and technologies that will enable them to make their content more available to an audience that will increasingly demand more personally relevant results in search.

The essence of social search marketing is knowing your audience. If you know where they hang out ( or Digg?), what they’re likely to search for (coffee or cappuccino?), and who they’re likely to talk to (other Diggers or their MySpace friends?), then you can run a successful social marketing campaign. It’s not hard, but it does require homework.

Personalization isn’t about using the right keywords for the search engines. It’s about using the right keywords for the audience you’re trying to attract. When you hit that nail on the head and optimize your media for the social target you are aiming at then you’ll be found. But you have to be sure you are also marketing to the right medium. Google may index you just fine, but if you’re audience spends most of its time at Flickr, Squidoo, and Reddit, where do you think you should spend your time?

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