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Semi-live at the Sihoki cruise tourney


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The Sihoki Invitational is underway, and can we just say I am on tilt right now? So is Change100. Jen B. is a donkey, and Coonie the dealer sucks out to win. This was the worst idea ever. I’m changing the rules … Lavigne and charliebigtime got locked out. Misdeal! Cruise goes to the editor.

UPDATE: Iggy is out, as well he should be.

RE-UPDATE: Oops, no he’s not. Still a few chips and a chair … OK, now he’s gone.

Another Great Poker Lawsuit

This one involves Harrah’s … which is suing for ownership of the web domain I gotta wonder … do they really have to sue for it? Why don’t they just pay the guy a fair price. But hey, law is law … and I understand that corporations will use whatever is legal to best situate their bottom lines. But is making the tattletale argument that the current owner of is “associating the site with online gambling which is illegal in the United States” really a smart thing for the WSOP — er, excuse me, the Milwaukee’s Best Light WSOP — to do? After all, couldn’t Federico Schiavo simply cover that all up with a big ol’ dot-net sticker?

Black Monday Averted

By the way, can’t believe we didn’t report this yesterday … but the pro-poker forces scored a big indirect victory this week, as Senator Bill Frist’s effort to lump the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act in with a major defense-spending bill failed.

This is huge, because had he succeeded it would have been an almost sure-fire guarantee of passage and all of our lives subsequently changing, at least on paper. Online poker players aren’t out of the muck yet, but it’s looking more and more likely that the Senate won’t vote on this bill.

Buying A Clue

Those words came from the astute mouth of AZ after a hand where DJ Clue made a big raise with T-2 and Tony Woods called him with K-Q – with no deuces, tens, queens, or kings on the board. That particular hand wasn’t atypical at all. There was a lot more gambling than poker involved in Hip-Hop Hold’em, but that’s not a big surprise.

“Gambling and hip-hop go hand in hand,” AZ told me after the game was done. He’s been playing since he was a kid, learning at family reunions where everyone played penny poker and spades. He got involved with this show because, as he said, “poker’s the thing right now. Everyone’s doing it, and now hip-hop’s involved with it. It’s natural.”

In the end it was DJ Clue who came out on top. He held a 20.5K-4.5K leads going into heads-up play against Tony Woods, and all it took was one hand to finish Woods off. True to the spirit of play up to that point, Clue cracked Woods’ Q-Q with J-7. That suckout means that the $10,000 prize will be going to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.

At the end of the show, Ed Lover talked with the players about their projects. Saigon confirmed that Doug Ellin had called him up to ask him back for the fourth season of HBO’s Entourage. This guy’s got a profile that’s getting bigger every day – going out first in this charity poker game won’t hurt him a bit.

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