Online Advertising: Is It Really All That?

Why else, despite their ubiquitous web presence, would Google and eBay choose to advertise on TV, if not to drive traffic that they cannot generate solely online?

Good question. As the Web grows, it becomes more difficult to attract business solely from online sources. Web marketers should face reality: The whole world isn’t online and likely never will be. How long has radio been around? No one anyone who hardly listens to it, or listens to it only in their car?

The Internet, like TV and radio, is a medium. It’s not replacing other media. It is simply another way to reach an audience. Some people you can snag by radio, some by TV, some through your local newspaper, and others you’ll only be able to reach online. You’ve got to realize where your audience is.

The best way to use the Internet for advertising – particularly for traditional businesses, but more and more for Internet-based businesses as well – is to use an integrative approach. If you make all of your advertising work together you’ll be much more effective – online and off line. Don’t rely entirely on the Internet. Just use it for all it’s worth.

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