MSN Having Problems With Data Mining, Now What?

(Source) For those of you who use some of the advanced query syntax in our search engine such as link:, linkdomain: and inurl:, you may have noticed that this functionality has been recently turned off. We have been seeing broad use of these features by legitimate users but unfortunately also what appears to be mass automated usage for data mining. So for now, we have made the tough call to block all queries with these operators.

In case you’ve been wondering, MSN recently cut off its linkdomain and inurl features. This explanation as to why should alleviate any concerns that your link popularity is falling through the floor. Nevertheless, I find it to be quite unnerving that one of the top 3 search engines can’t combat date mining with inconviencing its millions of users. I mean, we’re talking about Microsoft here. Bill Gates. Richest man in the world. He can’t beat the data miners and provide good customer service for the millions of webmasters who have links indexed at his search engine. No wonder he’s in third place.

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