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Medical Transcription has come of age as an acceptable and secure online service. As a medical secretarial service provider, Easy Transcriptions offer top-quality, professional medical transcription service to health care providers who need accurate, secure, TAT-guaranteed, HIPAA-compliant medical typing. A number of features make our medical transcription services the right choice for your medical transcription needs.

We provide complete medical dictation services and medical transcription solutions to customers all over the world. Easy Transcriptions work as an end-to-end solution Translation Services UK provider for its clients, and provides the most advanced and flexible medical transcription services. Our state-of-the art office facility functions as the pivot for providing guaranteed turnaround time and exceptionally high quality in medical typing services.

We at Easy Transcriptions, are proud of our STAT medical transcription services and our ability to provide our medical dictation services and medical records transcription 24/7.

Our medical transcription team is technology-savvy, highly skilled, and well experienced. Using innovative technology, our transcriptionists, at Easy Transcriptions, relentlessly endeavor to maintain accuracy and security.

Patient privacy and security are built into our systems from day one. We comply with HIPAA regulations and assure secure Internet transfer of voice files and document files related to medical transcription. Our endeavor is to safeguard client data and information with the use of HIPAA compliant communication protocols in medical transcription.

Our experienced and skilled software professionals work with our medical language specialists, medical record professionals, and practicing physicians to design and develop innovative and efficient voice recording and document delivery methods. Our software and hardware solutions are second to none. And the best part is, as our medical transcription service customer, you make no investment to reap the benefits of streamlined medical dictation services and transcription process. You only pay for the transcriptions we type for you. Easy Transcriptions uses the most reliable hardware and proven software, to ensure its medical secretarial services are second to none. We also guarantee our medical transcription work at very competitive rates. Our medical secretarial service can save you as much as 55% if you are using in-house salaried employees and as much as 40% if outsourced to certain other transcription companies.

Our Medical Transcription Services include

Variable turnaround time (2 hours to 3 days) to choose from to reduce cost

99% accurate and secure medical transcription service with HIPAA compliance

Server based phone-in dictation system similar to DVI, Dictaphone, or Lanier at no cost to your facility

Desktop PC, Tablet PC, and Pocket PC/PDA based dictation applications

Support for a variety of hand held digital recorders.

24X7 customer support

Interface to DVI, Dictaphone, Lanier, Crescendo, and BCB phone-in systems

HL-7 interface to HIS, CIS, and EMR

Competitive pricing

Services (medical dictation services)

Easy Transcriptions provides high quality medical secretarial services with a well-versed and competent team of medical transcriptionists supported by dedicated system professionals. Our superior infrastructure with back up power generator, optical fiber connection to Internet backbone and latest computer hardware with highly reliable software applications make us unique in this business. Our online, real-time reports give you up to the minute status of every medical dictation received for medical typing.

Our present medical dictation services include Radiology dictation service, Cardiology dictation service, Orthopedic dictation service, Sports Medicine dictation service, Physical Therapy dictation service, Internal Medicine dictation service, Family Practice dictation service, Hematology/Oncology dictation services, Radiation Oncology dictation services, Psychiatry dictation service, ENT dictation services, and Ophthalmology dictation service.

For hospitals and nursing homes, we type admission notes, H&P, surgical reports, discharge summaries, emergency room reports, and acute care reports.


With the development of digital recording, your dictation can now be outsourced quickly and easily saving you valuable time and money and reduced office space. You benefit from these improved efficiencies and receive high quality documents with quick turnaround time. Our transcription team provides complete transcription service in compliance with the HIPAA regulations. They are thoroughly trained in medical glossary and are seasoned in typing and proofing highly accurate medical transcription.

Overcoming the technological, linguistic, and informational barriers with frontier technology and sheer commitment to service, our team provides the best medical secretarial services available. It need not be surprising because the services are provided using perfect apparatuses and the best software by our trained and seasoned employees. Easy Transcriptions’ medical dictation services and medical records transcription will surpass all your expectations.


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