Forex Trading Information

Are you interested in forex trading? If you are a beginner in forex trading 101, there is so much that you should learn, but at the same time you do not have to worry about whether or not you can make it in investing in forex trading. You do not have to focus too much on how others are doing better than you. You will be able to reach at a place that will make you earn more just like them. But first of all, you need to understand the basics of forex trading.

The Basics of Forex

Forex is the short term referring to foreign exchange. The forex market is the place where different currencies all over the world are being traded. Currencies are very important to most people all around the world, whether they notice it or not. This is because currencies are needed to be traded so that people can conduct trading and business with other countries. You see a lot of foreign exchanges with travelers when they go abroad. While developed and highly industrialized places accept major currencies like Euro and US dollars, not all places in that country accept them. This is why you need to have all the money you need to exchange with the local currency. Because of the need to exchange foreign currencies every day, it is the first reason why this kind of market is the largest and most liquidated financial market. It is even larger compared to other markets like stocks, in which it gets a traded value of about US $2,000 billion each day on average.


The unique aspect of this kind of market is that there is no central place for the foreign exchange. The process is conducted over-the-counter electronically. All transactions that happen in this market go through the computer networks between various traders all over the world, instead of making a single centralized exchange. The market rarely sleeps as it functions 24 hours each day, half each day in a week and the currencies are traded in various major centers of finance such as those located in Tokyo, New York, Zurich, London, Hong Kong, Paris, Frankfurt and Sydney – almost in every time zone. It also means that when the US’ trading day already ends, the market starts a new session in Hong Kong and Tokyo. This could also make the forex market to be intensely active any time within the day and the prize quotes of each currency changing always.

Risks And Benefits

Forex trading is one of the largest types of investments that people do. Investors are able to place extremely high trades even without affecting the exchange rate given at a particular currency. The large positions in this market are then made accessible to various forex traders because of its low margin requirements that are utilized by most of the brokers of the industry. A good example of this is that it is possible for traders to take control of a US$100,000 and this is done by putting down for as low as US$1000 up front and then borrowing the remainder from their forex broker.

The Mobile Revolt – Get Optimised People!

Mobile is coming for you.

It’s coming hard and its coming fast.

Google is going to essentially ban websites that are not mobile friendly from the search results soon.

As a result if your site is not mobile friendly, your pretty much screwed. Get your site mobile friendly as soon as possible, before its too late!

Watch this pretty girl talk about mobile optimisation to understand what I’m actually ranting about.

Affiliate Marketing vs CPA Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the selling of someone else’s product and taking a percentage commission. The 2 biggest affiliate networks in the world are AMAZON and Clickbank. Amazon as you should probably already know sells everything including physical products and as a result the commission rates are quite low, starting around 4.5% per sale and moving up to about 6-7% for the more experience affiliate that sell thousands of products a month.

Clickbank on the other hand has 50-75% commission which means you can actually earn more money than the product creator, the reason for this is because Clickbank is a digital marketplace and as a result there are no overheads such as shipping or manufacturing. Once a product is created it can be downloaded or sent via email and hence there are no more costs and the process can be automated.

CPA stands for cost per action and is similar to affiliate marketing with 1 critical difference. You do not need to SELL anything! You are asking the prospect to do an action, and that could be anything from entering an email to filling out their personal information (in readiness for a call) or in return for a free product. The most popular CPA offers are ones involving a free offer in return for P&P so both the prospect and the company wins.

I’ve actually done a post on another site about the top CPA affiliate sites and many are quite similar, that means that in most cases you don’t need to choose affiliate marketing OR CPA marketing, you can simply do both.

Whichever online marketing you choose to do, ensure you are ready for the traffic and promote the right offers to the right audience.

Good luck.

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Gone are the days when you could simply have a successful business without an online presence…The problem? Many people didn’t learn the necessary skills to make their local business online, and instead are paying a lot of money to the wrong people getting it WRONG!

This is why in the coming weeks, months and hopefully years, I will be posting on everything from how to set up a simply local website, to how to promote this website in the search engines, to how to teach your employees the relevant IT skills they need.

It’s gonna be a fun journey I hope you come with me on it.