The Technology That Goes Into Supercars – Wow.

SupercarToday we are going to be talking about the tech that goes into supercars, what it does, how it works and why it is very interesting for the future of the tech world in general.

This is an article by the owner of blue chip car hire, a supercar hire agency based in London. So I think they know a thing or 2 about the technologies that go into supercars and how freckin awesome these actually are.

These are probably things you have seen on cars before, but chances are you might not know why they are actually used. So these are just my cool supercar technology facts that might interest you!

SpolierThe Spoiler

This is one of the most common items on the back of a supercar. Chances are you have seen them on some less than super cars too!

The spoiler has a very important reason for being on a car and it is this. It creates downward thrust or drag. When air goes through this it pushes the car down onto its back wheels. This in turn allows the car to be heavier where the most power is coming through and hence grip to the road more cleanly as well as keeping the control and speed.

Titanium boltsTitanium Bolts

These bolts cost $80 per bolt in production and these obviously as you would expect, bolt the car together. Keeping the wheels on and the engine finely tuned. The reason so many supercars have these nowadays is because they do not rust and won’t break, so the long term effects are a lot greater. According to the the Pagani Huayra features 1,400 titanium bolts @ $80 each, which is equivalent to $112,000 in bolts only. That is a lot of money for bolts!


Supercars are generally seen as great becuase they either go fast (and/or) look great. I mean a car that goes from 0-60 in 3 seconds and looks like a Ferrari or a Lambo is going to give you a smile. The issue comes when strength tests need to be passed too. But thanks to the carbon fibre that is used in most supercars after 2010, they actually are some of the strongest cars on the planet. During strength tests they have been known to break the equipment.

6 WheelsNot All Supercars have 4 Wheels

There are 2 common road supercars that have 6 wheels. The Panther 6 and the Covini C6W. These both have similar stats such as weight and speed to your average supercar but do look a bit strange when you see them on the street, and I am yet to see anyone driving one to the local shop! Coming in at around £200,000+ its easy to see why. Keep to 4 wheels!

In conclusion there are a lot of different types of supercars, whatever you are looking for and whatever you think you know about them might not be right. If you take the strength tests for example, most people don’t purchase or rent a supercar because they think they are weak…. Do some research on this topic and you will be pleasantly surprised! Or even come and see our line at

3 Amazing Benefits of Technological Revolution

TechOne of the technological revolutions these days are the use of communication like how telecommunication companies all over the world have improved like from a simple hard phone to more screen devices where you can already see the one that you are talking to on the screen who is more often than not, on the other side of the planet. The biggest benefit that you can get from this type of technology is to have communication easier compared to before, meaning you will be able to reach anyone and almost everyone through the use of internet.

Another one is that use of social media where in social media now a day have already evolved from just reconnecting to loved ones whom you do not get to see in person but as well as building relationships, especially in the field of business where it have changed the face of marketing. You can actually benefit from it by the fact that most people are already using social media but for other purpose that whatever you can think of, that is why they are in the business field, marketing in social media or online actually is already a must.

Then most especially, one thing that you and every living thing is benefiting from a technology that is still continuing to develop is the technology used and to be created for food production or for farmers. This is the benefit that you can never question, because it is a need of all human beings or living things on this planet, food. You and your family, and the next generations of your bloodline will be able to benefit from the evolving technology for farmers; therefore scarcity of food will be decreased or even diminished in the coming years once the new types of technology for farmers are already fully developed.

Also, one of the new technologies that you can benefit is how technology has improved for the use of renewable and clean energy. Like for example the invention of solar panels so that you can benefit from heat that is being released by the sun converting the heat using the solar panel and then into your energy source. Also like the invention of engines that would create biogas for example, where you can benefit from the waste of almost all living things converting it into a source of energy as well or a form of flammable gas that would generate power or heat that is usually used for cooking or heating something.

And then one of the most important new technologies that you and actually a lot of people are benefiting from it is the online market itself. Having you business from end to end process personally and marketing it online on the side is different from having a business online as well and it where the online market is different from any other online transaction for your business. You can actually benefit from it for trading, getting jobs, outsourcing, services and many others. Like for example, getting virtual employees is one of the big technology or the people is profiting from the online market and it is still continuing to improve.

Amazon and the AUTOMATED Physical Products Business

There is no denying that Amazon is awesome, from a consumer point of view, you can purchase almost anything, and the prices are great. Everything is visually set-up and the reviews from verified purchases makes it super simply to see what products are good and what are just trash.

But getting started on Amazon from a business point of view is a pain! Now its great once its set-up, Amazon and more specifically the FBA programme means you can send your products to their warehouse, and simply focus on design and marketing of those products. You never have to worry about storage, packing, picking or shipping! That’s huge from a business point of view, and even with the fees you might end up saving money through the individual aspects (e.g. a warehouse or staff) that you no longer need. The problem most businesses fall into, is that its really difficult to get started, let’s take the average business owner.

They get on Amazon, make a listing and rank on page 20 for their products keywords… Then what? Well then you need to do Amazon SEO! Below is a video that outlines the main ranking strategy and how you can optimise your listings to rank highly in the amazon search engine itself. This is so important as if you don’t rank you won’t be able to set-up an amazon business…. Ever.

The other option is you can just pay for an amazon ranking service, although if you have a lot of products (more than 10) this can get pricey, if you only have 1 or 2 to start I would actually recommend going down this route as it will save you a lot of time in both research and implementation, and at the end of the day the people there are professionals so can do everything quickly and effectively.

Over the coming weeks, alongside our technology posts, we will be writing a number of posts geared to starting your own amazon business. I personally believe this is a great channel for people to simply get to £10,000 a month. You don’t need a lot of capital to get started as Amazon Merchant Accounts are only £30 a month! Sure you will need products to sell, but there is nothing stopping you from hustling your way to £5k/month inside a year! That’s more than 65% of the population of the UK make!

Iterative Training Takes on The Technology Industry

As you already know we focus on training for digital. Iterative involves planning for the future, but it struck me the other day that we have no posts regarding how large and important the tech industry really is. I read Mashable and about 5 other tech blogs on a daily basis, but when it comes to posting about them or simply writing my own personal thoughts on this blog, I just don’t do it. So over the the next 3-4 months I will be aiming to have at least 1 post per month regarding advancements in the tech industry. If you haven’t already subscribed to Techcrunch and Mashable then I would highly recommend those 2 to follow, if you have, then instead start to absorb the information and think how it will have effect on business.

Technology is the Leader in Business Optimisation

I talk about optimising your website, business and basic sales funnel alot on this website, yet I never mention how important actually optimising your life around technology is. I save about 10 hours a week through smart tech “hacks”. People say why do I bother saving 30 mins for streamlined services, such as door to door deliveries of goods and pretty much everything and I think its obvious, my time is worth it! Time is the most valuable asset in life, everyone gets a limited amount and no matter what you do you will never increase it! It’s the only real finite thing on this earth, so don’t waste it doing things you hate!

But how is all this related to my passion for Tech? Well, as you know I am a business owner, Iterative training is only a small part of my business ventures and one of the smaller ones when it comes to a purely financial point of view. But technology has helped me advance from £100,000 a year to well over £5 million in yearly revenue (profit I wish haha) But its such a big factor of business yet most businesses don’t even take advantage of it! Which is crazy!

So basically what I am saying is that over the next 2-3 months I will be also posting about how businesses can optimise and streamline their personal and business lives through the use of new and existing tech!

I hope you enjoy the series, and have a look at this awesome video too! (Hint: first article is going to be based on the new drone trend!)

The Difference Between Super and Super Lame Marketing

There is no doubt that marketing is extremely important. Sales save businesses and correct marketing brings in hundreds if not thousands of sales for even very small businesses. The problem is people simply don’t know how to market to their target audience. In this article we are going to go through how to target a specific audience with a number of marketing channels, as well as using a few examples at why people simply don’t need to see your company on an advert in some cases.

FerrariSuper Marketing

There is only 1 thing that separates super marketing from terrible marketing and that’s that people who do this, make sales. They make sales for their clients, personal websites, personal businesses or anything. If you’re a marketing agency and you don’t make sales for your clients I’m afraid your not a marketing company. The key to marketing is targeting the right audience, I’m going to quickly go through how to do this below.

Marketing is a science not an art, despite what many people might say. Instead of trying to create the perfect marketing channel, you should instead be testing, tweaking and improving to make the most of each one and then re-invest into the successful ones. This is a fine tuning technique, supercars for example take hundreds of thousands of hours to make, but once they are made they are respected for decades, normal cars take a long time to make, but in a year no one cares…. Invest into 1 awesome marketing channel ONCE you have tested the waters.

To target your audience is easier than you might think, you don’t need to read any marketing books although I would recommend Guerilla Marketing, but if you don’t want to read it then just remember this – Emphasize with your target audience, where would they be, what would they think, get into their shoes and you will be surprised how easy it is to find customers. Don’t copy the competition. Think outside the box and where your customers will be!

Poor MarketingLame Marketing

Lame marketing is marketing that doesn’t generate sales. Just because a marketing method might work for another company, doesn’t mean its going to work for you. Also one that doesn’t work for the competition might still work for you. The difference is how effectively and extensively the researched and tweaked their process. TV advertising is the lowest ROI form of marketing available, yet literally billions are spent on it every single year? Why is that? Because people expect to see Coke, Audi and the huge brands advertising here and if they don’t then its bad for the brand image, but for sales and the ROI of the company it would actually be good!