Closing Techniques Using the I-T Methods


The website in question for the test was aston martin car hire, a business that obviously rents aston martins to individuals in the UK. The main aim for the test like I’ve already mentioned was if we could train the team to close more deals on the phone through the iterative training techniques we mention below.

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Modify Your Garage Into An Office – Iterative Guide

Garage Shelving imageAnother iterative training guide for you today. This one is on how you can change your garage from a pile of rubble into a beautiful home office that even apple would be proud of! Okay well maybe not that much but still this will be a guide on how you can get some garage shelving and turn your old space into something to be proud of!

How to Change Your Garage Into A Home Office

It’s easier than you might think, read on for more information.

Step 1: What you Need

  1. Garage racking – You need to store this stuff you own somewhere
  2. High quality Desk & Chair – This will make you want to come into your garage office, if you’re more old school then just pick up a quality Garage workbench.
  3. Motivation – Obviously nothing can be done without a strong bit of motivation.

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Digital Marketing 101 – SEO vs PPC

Digital marketing is a very touchy subject in the offline world. Some people rave about the results, others say its 90% spam and 10% hype. We interviewed A digital marketing company called HQ SEO to ask what their point of view was on digital marketing 101 and the key question of PPC vs SEO.

Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101 – Selling The Invisible

Question: Why do you think digital marketing is so difficult to sell compared to direct marketing or general advertising?

I think it’s down to the fact digital marketing, more specifically anything that isn’t “design” is actually invisible. You can create a PPC agency or an SEO company with a website and a brain. But the issue is people do this and they don’t have a clue. Which means clients and prospects get burned and then “everyone who does SEO is a spammer” and hence the cycle continues.

This is why marketing SEO and PPC is so difficult in the first place!


Question: Okay to the big one now, what do you prefer and why, paid advertising (Pay per click) or SEO (search engine optimisation) and why?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in our industry. Should you do PPC or SEO. My answer is pretty simple. BOTH! If you are a busy that is looking to grow rapidly, you should be doing both a paid advertising campaign, I recommend adwords but also more recently Linkedin and Facebook ads have been giving good results.

Most people will ask the either OR question but it 100% depends to the market and if the traffic is “buyer” or “content” centred. There is 100% no point in running a paid advertising campaign to individuals who are only looking for content or information. This is the easiest way to lose a lot of money. Instead if your kewyords are buyer incentiviced then there is no reason to

The ideal situation is to do both but at the same time. 80% of people ignore ads, which means you will instantly losing a major proportion of your buyers if you are ONLY using paid ads. But instead if you only do SEO chances are the results will take a long time and hence ROI will be incredibly slow. The solution is simple: Run PPC ads whilst running a strong SEO campaign. This means you will have the ability to generate quick sales through the paid ads, but you will also be constantly progressing in the organic rankings. This is 100% the only way to go for start-up businesses with a good online marketing budget.

But if I had to choose, SEO 😉 It’s HQ SEO for a reason, not HQ PPC. The below video has some good points in too.

Well there you have it. Another good answer to 2 really important internet marketing questions. It’s important to remember its totally up to the buyer / consumer to click an ad or go to your website, so make sure you have a strong call to action and strong conversion rate optimisation.

Iterative Training – Guide to IT Resume Writing

IT is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Aside from financial markets I think its probably the most competitive. It’s tech based but knowledge run, you have to deal with older clients in most cases, which makes it insanely difficult! Not only to generally perform and profit in, but to just get a career in.

Iterative Training

Iterative Training

This is why we decided to write an Iterative training guide on the subject of: IT Resume writing. We all know a great resume is important but I think most of us forget just how pivotal it can be. These are our

Top resume tips to getting hired in the IT Industry.

This article is supported by Tom Hannemann one of the top professional resume writers with Advance-Yourself!

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How to Find Tax Offices in the UK

Finding a tax office in the UK can be a difficult task. However, by taking the right steps you can achieve your goal. Here are some helpful tips to accomplish the mission:

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